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141st Infantry Regiment

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Headquarters Company
San Antonio
Anti-Tank Platoon
Service Company
San Antonio
Band Section
San Antonio
Medical Detachment



Captain   Merrit F. Harrison
Second Lieutenant   Victor D. Armistead
Master Sergeant   Ross Young
First Sergeant   Roy D. White
Technical Sergeant   Adolph C. Rawlins
Technical Sergeant   Purl C. Wright

Ebert, Martin L.

  Passmore, Rex L.
Moffitt, William R.     Sadesky, William J.
Sliva, Jerome A.
Cortes, Ernest   Esquivel, Joe A.
Dixon, Jack L., Jr.   Trevino, Arthur
Vann, James H.
Baird, Cletus H. Jr.   Keene, Earl K.
Becker, Wilson E.   Larrumbide, Gilbert L.
Billings, Almon   McKay, Charles E.
Bynum, Eldred L.   Miller, John D.
Cunningham, Jack H.   Nugent, Alex W.
De La Rosa, Frank   Oakes, Theodore C.
Jackson, Chester J.   Reyes, Viviano
Jackson, Kenneth E.   White, George P.
Wormser, Joe J.
Campbell, Richard S.   Moritz, Arthur L.
Charpentier, Allen R.   Moritz, Harold E.
Collins, Wayne B.   Mowers, William O.
Cunningham, Wade R.   Myers, Cato H.
Ditta, Vincent A.   Parker, Ezma M.
Duma, William, Jr.   Pease, Samuel E.
Garner, Cyril J.   Phifer, Grayson C.
Gates, Jesse A.   Porter, James O.
Greene, Ney L., Jr.   Reed, Zeno O., Jr.
George, Gerald P.   Reese, Gordon M., Jr.
Grounds, Homer W.   Rhodes, Harry W., Jr.
Grounds, Howard M.   Rix, Milton D.
Hairston, Raymond L.   Roberts, William S.
Hayman, Willoughby E.   Senior, Howard R.
Jackson, Thomas B.   Smith, Emzy F.
Jennings, Howard L.   Sumerau, John W.
Kirsch, Gustave R.   Taylor, Clyde W.
Klepper, Paul J.   Thom, Oliver L.
Laymance, Thomas D.   Thompson, Xavier J.
Lewis, William   Whitenack, Fred M.
Martin, Wyatt E.   Wilhite, LeRoy, Jr.
McCarron, John W.   Wilkerson, Herbert L.
Mckee, Wiley B.   Wilson, George H.
Wilson, Langham Y.



Regimental Headquarters Company, 141st Infantry, San Antonio, was recognized on April 29, 1922, after World War Service, disbanded on February 15, 1924, and finally reorganized and re-recognized on April 17, 1924. Its com­mander was Captain Henry L. Taylor, with Second Lieu­tenant Charles H. Caruthers as junior officer.

Captain Taylor continued in command until March 8, 1937, when he was succeeded by Captain Merrit F. Harri­son, the company's present commander.

Second Lieutenant Caruthers was succeeded by the fol­lowing junior officers: Second Lieutenant Osborne B. Robertson, May 2, 1925; Second Lieutenant Elmer C. Werner, June 28, 1930; Second Lieutenant Gratz B. Gouger, July 30, 1931; Second Lieutenant William H. Harrison, March 1, 1935; Second Lieutenant James R. Collignon, February 2, 1936; Second Lieutenant Edward W. Wood, July 1, 1937, and Second Lieutenant Victor D. Armistead, February 15, 1939. Armistead is the present junior officer.

This organization achieved the distinction of 100 per cent qualification with the .30 caliber rifle in 1937, 1938 and 1939.

On October 1, 1939, the company was again reorganized and redesignated Headquarters Company (less the Anti­tank platoon) 141st Infantry.


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