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The 56th Cavalry Brigade was reorganized and redesignated as such on August 23, 1919.

During the World War, Texas was requested by the War Department to organize two cavalry brigades of three regiments each. One Brigade of Cavalry was allocated to San Antonio and Southwest Texas. This was designated the First Cavalry Brigade, being organized and commanded by Brigadier General Jacob F. Wolters, and was presented for Federal Inspection on August 23, 1918. The three regiments of Cavalry composing the Brigade were the Seventh Cavalry Regiment, commanded by Colonel Ben Lear, Jr.; Second Cavalry Regiment, commanded by Colonel Fitzhugh Lee, and the Third Cavalry Regiment, commanded by Colonel William G. Mead. Shortly after the Armistice, all officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted specialists who were attending the Central Cavalry School for Officers at Camp Stanley, Texas, were ordered home and placed on a State status.

On August 23, 1919, the First Cavalry Brigade was reorganized and redesignated as the 56th Cavalry Brigade, with one regiment and one machine gun squadron in Texas, and one regiment in New Mexico. During 1929, the War Department authorized the organization of an additional regiment in Texas, giving Texas a complete brigade by releasing the New Mexico Regiment to the State of New Mexico as a separate regiment.

As stated above, the Brigade was organized by Brigadier General Jacob F. Wolters, who continued to command it until November 20, 1934, when he was succeeded by Brigadier General Louis S. Davidson. General Davidson served until August 20, 1938, being succeeded by the present Commander, Brigadier General Walter B. Pyron. As a mark of appreciation, the State of Texas breveted Brigadier General Wolters and Brigadier General Davidson to the rank of Major General upon their retirement.

The Headquarters of the 56th Cavalry Brigade is located at San Antonio, Texas.


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