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To the Officers and Members of the National Guard

If ever there were a time in history when our people had reasons to think of our National Guard and look inquisitively into the personnel and equipment and training of this great unit of defense, it certainly is at this period while so much of the world is embroiled in war and disputes and hatreds. It is indeed a pleasure to me to hear the many complimentary remarks of citizens who have made some inquiry and observations. This high degree of efficiency and training stands as a tribute to the officers and men who have during long stretches of peace-time made the patriotic sacrifices necessary to keep the Guard well trained and equipped. Having had the pleasure of inspecting our National Guard, I want to take this opportunity of congratulating our officers and men on their high standing, and their thorough training, and especially their sincere and patriotic devotion and allegiance to their country. I extend to each and every member of the TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD my heartiest congratulations and most sincere thanks for their high state of efficiency.

State of Texas

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