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The history of the State Staff or Headquarters of the Texas National Guard is a very colorful one, which with that of its enlisted contingent, the State Detachment, dates back from the days of the Republic of Texas down to the present time. This history is reflected in the distinctive insignia of the organization.

The Headquarters Staff of the armed forces of the Republic of Texas (now the State Staff) originated with the organization of the Revolutionary Army of Texas in the year 1836. General Sam Houston was the first Chief of Staff.

Upon the annexation of Texas by the United States, this organization became the Headquarters Staff of the State Militia, in which capacity it served until the reorganization of the state armed forces as the Texas National Guard. It was Federally recognized as the State Staff, Texas National Guard, on August 5, 1919. The present authorized strength is 20 officers.

In addition to the Adjutant General, the present organization of the State Staff consists of the Adjutant General's Department, Inspector General's Department, Quartermaster Corps, Finance Department, judge Advocate General's Department and the Signal Corps. Besides their duties in the training of the Texas National Guard, the organization is also constructed to handle mobilization duties of the State Headquarters in case of a national emergency.

The present Adjutant General is Brigadier General ,J. Watt Page, who is Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Governor W. Lee O'Daniel.


Brigadier General
(Colonel, 142nd Infantry)
The Adjutant General

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