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Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas


The enlisted contingent of the Headquarters of the armed forces of Texas (now the State Detachment) had its origin in the organization of the Army of the Republic of Texas in 1836. This Headquarters enlisted contingent has served on through the days of the State Militia and the reorganization of state forces as the Texas National Guard down to the present. The State Detachment was Federally recognized at Camp Mabry, Austin, September 1, 1918. Its present strength is 64 men.

In order to better serve the Texas National Guard, the detachment is at present organized as follows: Unit Headquarters, a Finance Division consisting of Procurement Section, Payroll Section and Transportation Section, and a Supply Division consisting of a Property Section, Baker, Section and a Utility Section. The above organization operates to serve the camps of instruction. The detachment has a large assignment in filling the requirements of the 36th Division during the annual field training of the entire division at one camp during a single 15-day period. A detachment of the organization also serves with the annual camp of the 56th Cavalry Brigade.

This organization, with some modifications, is also planned to be used in the assignment of the State Detachment's duties in connection with state mobilization in case of a national emergency.

The present commanding officer of the State Detachment is Captain Edgar F. Simpson, a member of the State Staff.


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