36th Division in World War II


When T-Patchers crossed into Austria it marked the sixth country that the 36th had entered. From a scenic viewpoint, Austria stood out as the most striking. In early May massive snowdrifts still remained in many mountain passes, while down in the valleys Austrian maidens bronzed themselves in a blistering sun. At the swanky Grand Hotel in KitzbuheI curious infantrymen scanned through a pre-war register that included signatures of such notables as Jimmy Walker, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Sara Delano Roosevelt, Neville Chamberlain, Edda Mussolini.
The Majestic white-coated Alpine peasks dazzled in the warmth of May sunshine.
T-Patch Victory Issue
T-PATCH, The Division Newspaper--a light localized weekly--was aimed at bolstering troop morale. Founded during the fight for Rome, subsequent editions were published in Naples, Frejus, Grenoble, Besancon, Strasbourg, Kaufbeuren and Geislingen. Over 40,000 copies of the Victory Edition (above) were printed for distribution to the men.
Snow-capped Tyrol spurred GI interest for cameras. Austria seemed to be the ideal vacationland.
Both the end of hostilities and the beauty of the Alps seemed unreal to Joe. His mind wandered back to death and mud.


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