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Officially organized in January 2007 the Texas Military Forces Living History Detachment, known as G Company, is a group of dedicated and talented professional living historians. Numbering more than 60 members from every walk of life, these men and women bring unique talents and capabilities to the task of commemorating the service and sacrifice of our nation's veterans, teaching the history or our armed forces and realities of warfare to the American people, and supporting those in uniform today. G Company works to link past to present in order to help our citizens understand what our nation's soldiers have done for the cause of freedom, liberty and democracy throughout history and still do today. G Company's efforts also assist the Texas National Guard in building esprit d' corps within current units as well as aiding recruiters in attracting talented, motivated and patriotic individuals to the high calling of military service.

G Company hosts a number of living history programs at Camp Mabry each year. The biggest of these is Muster Day, held every April. During the Muster Day event, reenacting and living history groups, as well as veterans' organizations and military vehicle preservation clubs, from across Texas come together to create an impressive time line of Texas Military history. Visitors to Muster Day get the chance to see the camp life, drill, weapons and tactics used during the Texas Revolution, Civil War, World War I and World War II. A large scale World War II battle reenactment is a popular feature of each Muster Day.

In addition to Muster Day, G Company stages Close Assault, 1944 -- a living history program conducted over Memorial Day weekend and the weekend closest to Veterans Day each year. These programs take place on the parade ground at Camp Mabry and feature the descriptions of the uniform and equipment used by U.S. troops in both World Wars. The primary infantry weapons employed by American forces, as well as Japan and Germany, are demonstrated, and the realities of war explained vividly and realistically. The climax of each program is a recreated combined arms assault on a portion of the Siegfried Line on the Franco-German border in World War II, using tanks, halftracks, machine guns and small arms. If you are familiar with the Island Assault, 1944 living history programs formally held at the Admiral Nimitz Museum, you have some idea of what a Close Assault program will be like. G Company was responsible for conducting the Island Assault Program prior to changing its mission and base of operations to the Texas Military Forces and Camp Mabry.

G Company takes part in other events around the state and nation including air shows, parades, commemorative programs and special ceremonies, such as changes of command, mobilization and homecoming events for Guard units, family support activities and other high profile occasions in support of the Texas Military Forces and the Texas National Guard.

All G Company events are free, as is admission to the Texas Military Forces Museum. Souvenirs are available for modest donations used to support the living history program.

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