Chaplains of the
36th Infantry Division
Chaplain (Colonel) Herbert E. MacCombie
Division Chaplain


“Old soldiers never die; They just fade away.”
At least that is the saying, I’ve heard so many say.
“Onward Christian Soldiers marching off to war
With the cross of Jesus going on before.”

How well I remember that tune.  Throughout history, soldiers of every faith have fought the battles of righteousness.  May their efforts never be forgotten.

I knew my dad was writing some memoirs in 1977 before he died, but I never read them until over twenty years later.  I had read his radio speeches that were broadcast over WEAN. in Rhode Island in the 30’s and tried to practice what he preached while raising nine children. But I had never seen his war memoirs until 1998.  They had been carefully stored away in an old tapestry carpetbag.  The flimsy sheets of thin typing paper were held together by an old rusty paper clip.

“Many men have given their lives to help keep your freedom, Mary,” daddy would say, “Make sure you enjoy it.”

Once again, now in 2001, men are standing up to “Fight for Freedom.”  Let us not forget that history repeats itself and let us remember freedom is a true gift worth fighting for as our forefathers have.  Thus, in an attempt to help preserve a bit of history, I share my father’s memoirs.

Mary MacCombie Fietsam

Joining the 36th Infantry Division
Religious Census of the 36th
Winter In Cape Cod

Chaplain Roemer And The 636th
Train Crossings, A Court Martial And Eggs
Touring Rabat And Observing The Jewish Holidays of Shabuoth

Graves Registration School
Authorized 36th Infantry Division Chaplains
Chaplain School At Harvard University
Independence of the Division Chaplains
Lay Assistance To Chaplains
The Moroccan Chess Match
Commissioning Private Schwartz
Major General Walker's Command Support
Chaplain Lehne And Colonel Price
Utilization Of Unit Chaplains
Promoting The Chaplains
Transferring Chaplain Hall
Ministering To The Dead
Operation Avalanche
Chaplain Replacements, Service Statistics And Decorations
On Salerno Beachhead With General Walker
The Church At Alta Villa
C Rations, Birthday Cake And G.I. Soap
Popularity Of Religious Services
Assisting Men In Confinement
Rest At Sorrento
Death Of Chaplain McDaniel
In Hospital
Anzio And Velletri
An Audience With The Pope
Farewell To Major General Walker
Into Southern France
The Cemetery At Draguignan
Advancing Through Southern France
Chaplain Rotation
Report On Division Morale
More Rapid Movements
St. Maries aux Mines
Interrogating Captured German Chaplains
Rest Camp At Bains Les Bains
Christmas At Strassbourg
Over The Dragon's Teeth
Displaced Persons
Passover In Herxheim
A Pilgrimage To Lourdes
Reflecting Upon 1944 (Italy and France)
The Church At Otterberg
The Concentration Camp At Landsberg
The Billionaire Chaplain
Germany Surrenders
Interviewing Religious Leaders At Kitzbuhel
Memorial Day, 1945
Last Full Month With The 36th
Transferring To The 12th Armored Division And Home

Copyright 2001 by Mary MacCombie Fietsam
Printed by Permission

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