Texas National Guard Historical Sketch

The War For Texas Independence

The Texas National Guard first reared its head in the form of the volunteer companies and bands of fighting men from its own soil and other parts of the United States that united under the banner of just and honest government against the tyrannical and dominating forces of the Mexican Government, of which Texas was then a part.

Texas was made a part of and attached to the State of Coahuila, Mexico, preceding the outbreak of hostilities between the Lone Star State and the Mexican Government. When Anastacio Bustamente came into power at the City of Mexico, a feeling of bitterness against Mexican rule followed as he set aside every measure which might have held the colonists in accord with Mexican thought and sentiment. His congress passed a decree providing for the colonization of convicts in Texas, established military forts in different parts of Texas whose officers ignored civil authorities, imprisoned citizens without lawful cause, and refused the right of trial by civil authorities.

The Texans, resenting the unfair rule and in the hope of overthrowing Bustamente and establishing an orderly and just government, backed Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who finally triumphed and assumed the reins of government. But the trust the Texans placed in Santa Anna was met with his refusal to heed their protests and by his sending troops to Texas.

No longer content to just let the unfair and disorderly government continue without a fight, the Texans began organizing fighting forces, and volunteers from the United States began rushing to the aid of the Lone Star State.

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