Texas Military Forces Historical Sketch

Texas Military Forces in the Civil War

Confederate Forces

As nearly as can be ascertained, the following large number of organizations served the Confederate States during the Civil War:

First Lancers, First Speight's Infantry Battalion, First Battalion of Sharp-shooters, First Texas Rangers, First Cavalry Regiment of Arizona Brigade, First Indian Cavalry Regiment, First Regiment Partisan Rangers, First Cavalry Battalion, First Cavalry Battalion of Arizona Brigade, the First Regiment Heavy Artillery, the First Regiment Texas Mounted Riflemen, First Texas Cavalry Regiment (Buchel's), the Second Texas Infantry, the Second Texas Cavalry Regiment, Second Regiment of Arizona Brigade, Second Lancers, Second Texas Partisan Rangers, Second Infantry Battalion, Third Artillery Battalion, Third Lancers, Third Infantry Battalion, Third Cavalry Battalion of Arizona Brigade, the Third Texas Infantry Regiment, Third Texas Cavalry Regiment, Sixth Texas Cavalry Regiment, Ninth Texas Cavalry Regiment, Whitfield's Legion, Ross' Cavalry Brigade, Fourth Cavalry Regiment of Arizona Brigade.

Fourth Infantry Battalion, Fifth Regiment Partisan Rangers, Fifth (Hubbard's) Infantry Battalion, Sixth Cavalry Battalion, Sixth Infantry Regiment, Seventh Infantry Regiment, Seventh Infantry Battalion, Eighth Infantry Battalion (merged into Eighth Regiment), Eighth (Hobby's) Infantry Regiment, Ninth Battalion Partisan Rangers, Ninth (Nichols') Infantry Regiment, 10th Cavalry Battalion, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 10th Infantry Regiment, 11th Cavalry Regiment, 11th (Speight's) Cavalry and Infantry Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 12th Infantry Regiment, 13th Infantry Regiment, 13th Cavalry Regiment, 14th Cavalry Battalion, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 14th Infantry Regiment, 15th Cavalry Regiment, 15th Infantry Regiment, 16th Cavalry Regiment, 16th Infantry Regiment, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 17th Infantry Regiment, 18th Cavalry Regiment, 18th Infantry Regiment, 19th Cavalry Regiment, 18th Infantry Regiment, 19th Cavalry Regiment, 19th Infantry Regiment, 20th Infantry Regiment, 20th Cavalry Regiment, 21st Cavalry Regiment, 21st Texas Infantry, 22nd Cavalry Regiment (also called First Indian-Texas Regiment), 22nd Infantry Regiment, 23rd Cavalry Regiment, 24th Cavalry Regiment, 25th Cavalry Regiment, 26th Cavalry Regiment, 27th Cavalry Regiment, 28th - 29th - 30th - 31st - 32nd - 33rd - 34th - 35th (Brown's)-35th (Likens') - 36th Cavalry Regiments, Anderson's Cavalry Regiment, Border's Cavalry Regiment, Burn's Cavalry Battalion, Daly's Cavalry Battalion, De Bray's Battalion Texas Cavalry, Fulcrod's Cadets of Battalion Cavalry, Gano's Cavalry Battalion, Gidding's Cavalry Battalion, Herbert's Battalion of Arizona Brigade, Mann's Cavalry Regiment, Morgan's Cavalry Battalion, Mullen's Cavalry Battalion of Arizona Brigade, Ragsdale's Cavalry Battalion, Saufley's Scouting Battalion, Terrell's Cavalry Regiment, Terry's Cavalry Regiment, Wells' Cavalry Battalion, Wells' Cavalry Regiment, Waul's Legion, the Frontier Regiment of Texas Cavalry, and the following batteries of artillery -- Good-Douglas Christmas', Jones', Greer's Rocket, Dege's, Dashiell's, Teel's, Valverde, Pratt's, Howell's, Creuzbaur's, Fox's, Lee's, Gonzales', Neal's, Daniels', Wilson's, Gibson's, Krumbhaar's, Nichols', Shea's, Hughes', Moseley's, Haldeman's, McMahan's, Hynson's, Wilke's, Stafford's, Welhausen's, Maclin's, Abat's, Ruess', Marmimon's, Mechling's, Howe's and Edgar's.

[Some of the foregoing units served within these larger, unlisted organizations: Walker's Texas Division, Parsons's Brigade, Polignac's Brigade, Ector's Brigade, Hood's Texas Brigade, Granbury's Texas Brigrade, Ross's Brigade, Sibley's Brigade]

Union Forces

For the Union Army, the following troops came from Texas: the First Texas Cavalry Regiment, served along the coast of Texas whenever the Union Army was in possession, and whenever it left Texas, it returned to New Orleans and served in Louisiana; the Second Texas Cavalry Regiment, never fully organized; Vidal's Company Partisan Rangers, captained by Adrian I. Vidal was composed entirely of Mexicans, raised for the Confederate Army and, after serving several months in that army, deserted in a body to the Union Army; Hart's Cavalry Company, Martin D. Hart, Hunt County, raised this company in early part of the war and engaged in active partisan service as an independent company in Missouri and Arkansas, but Hart was captured by the Confederates, court-martialed and hung. On July 14, 1864, by order of Major General E. R. S. Canby at New Orleans, the Second and First Regiments were consolidated under the name of the First Texas Volunteer Cavalry.

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