Texas Military Forces Historical Sketch

National Guard At Home

While the 36th Division and other Texas troops were serving overseas, orders were received for the establishment of a National Guard at home, to consist of two brigades of cavalry and one brigade of infantry. The organization of the cavalry having first been accomplished, the two brigades composing these sections received Federal recognition during the latter part of August and were designated by the War Department in August. The officers were later ordered to the Central Cavalry Officers' Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas, where a course of instruction for United States Army Officers was pursued covering a period of 10 weeks. During the course of this camp, instructions were received from the War Department ordering the cavalry to mobilize on January 2, 1919, for active service. Revocation of these orders followed the signing of the Armistice. Similar plans were on foot for the infantry section.

Through its services during the World War, the Texas National Guard once again proved its value to both State and Nation. Its record of valor in the front lines upheld the glorious traditions of those Texans who had gone before.

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