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Guidelines for Guided Group Tours

We hope this article will make your group’s visit to our museum more enjoyable and beneficial, thus helping support our mission to tell the story of the Texas Military Forces and honor the service and sacrifice of its members. This museum is a memorial which honors the service of Texas troops from 1823 to the present day; we expect that groups will behave in a manner befitting the story of the men and women of the Texas Military Forces.

Before Your Visit

If you group is over 25 people we ask that they be broken up and assigned to smaller groups before you arrive at the museum. At the time your tour is booked we will give you a maximum number of students per group. This will help us make the tour move smoothly.

Go over our rules with your group. Our rules are the same as those of many museums:

There is no food or drink allowed in the museum.

No running or horse play, please advise your group to be mindful of other visitors and keep their voices to an indoor level.

In particular there is NO touching of or climbing on artifacts in or outside of the museum. This means ALL objects on display at the museum including: tanks, weapons, vehicles, mannequins, clothing etc…. The museum is the caretaker of all these artifacts for either the State of Texas or the United States Army. We are responsible for their upkeep and people touching or handling the artifacts, even the tanks, contribute to excessive wear and tear of these precious objects.

Guided tours generally last from 1.5 to 2 hours, if any of your tour members have any difficulties which might impact the tour please let us know. We can make the tour longer or shorter as needed.

Picture ID’s are required for all adults 18 and older visiting Camp Mabry and the Texas Military Forces Museum. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy contact the museum staff.

Print out a copy of our “Driving Directions” from our website for bus drivers or individual drivers.

The museum is free, as are guided tours however, we are always happy to accept donations to support the museum and its programs.

If possible have tour group members use the bathroom before they arrive at the museum. The museum has bathrooms available but there are only 3 women’s stalls and for large groups it can take some time for everyone to cycle trough the bathrooms.

Please ask that any tour members with cell phones turn them off or place them on vibrate before they enter the museum.

Picnic areas are available outside the museum and on the Camp Mabry grounds for your group. Please contact museum staff if you have any questions.

If you have a particular time period or items which you are interested in let us know in advance and we will try and gear your tour towards them.


When you arrive at the museum, you will unload your group in front of the large double white, wood doors. You will be met by a staff person who will great you and direct the bus(es) where to park.

Before entering the museum we will ask that if your group is larger than 25 people that it be broken up into its (hopefully pre-assigned) smaller groups. A brief introduction will be given to your group before they start their tour and a reminder that no food or drink is allowed inside the museum.

If your group has any trash which needs to be thrown away please make sure it gets placed in one of the many trash containers in and around the museum.

Have one person from your group sign our Guest Register with your group name and a total number of people in your group.

If tour members need to use the restroom before the start of the tour please let the staff know. An adult member of any school group MUST accompany any students who use the restroom facilities, and check before leaving that the students have not left a mess.

There are water fountains available near the restroom.

Photography with or without flash is permitted in the museum.

Group members must stay together and once the tour starts they need to stay with the docent/staff member as the tour progresses. For school groups please make sure your students know they need to stay with their group and not go off on their own, or lag behind as this makes it difficult to keep the tour on schedule.

Adults, including accompanying parents, are expected to help maintain order and discipline within their group.

Please let the docent/staff member talk about an area before asking questions. We are happy to answer all questions we can after we are done with each area’s introduction.

The museum is large and it is not possible to see and talk about everything in a guided tour. Tour members are always welcome to come back on their own or with their families to visit the museum Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.