36th Infantry Division Roster-WWII

Below are pdfs of the 36th Infantry Division Roster as found in the back of “The Pictorial History of the 36th Infantry “Texas”Division” published in 1946 by the 36th Infantry Division Association.

This roster was done in the summer of 1945 by clerks from the 36th and German clerks in their employ. It was meant for publication in the book they were putting together about the units’ wartime experiences and is not an official military document and errors and omissions do occur.

This roster is a snapshot in time from 1945, we cannot make corrections to spelling or other errors and it is meant to be used as a reference not as an official military record for any soldier listed. Please see our ongoing project to put all the roster information into an online database: 36th Infantry Division Database Project

The pdf are in 4 parts: Part 1 contains 36th HQ and associated units plus the 141st Infantry Regiment, Part 2 contains the 142nd Infantry Regiment, Part  3 contains the 143rd Infantry Regiment and Part 4 the Field Artillery, Engineer and Medical units.

36th ID-Roster Part 1

36th ID-Roster Part 2

36th ID-Roster Part 3

36th ID- Roster Part 4