49th Armored Division, Cold War, and Global War on Terror Gallery

gwot15 This exhibit tells the story of the Texas National Guard during the Cold War, its peacekeeping missions, the story of the 49Armored Division, and the brave men and women of the Texas Army and Air National Guard who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan during the last decade, as well as those who have helped protect America here at home


Among the items on display in this exhibit are: a large piece of the Berlin wall; Cold War era jeeps and equipment; the helmet worn by the first Texas Guardsman killed in action during the Iraq War as well as the battle damaged window of the Humvee he was riding in when the IED struck; pieces of rubble from the Pentagon hit during the attacks of 9-11; gloves worn by an officer in the 36thCombat Aviation Brigade on every mission he flew in Iraq; a “combat bike built by a member of the 36thInfantry Division while in Iraq, captured enemy weapons; uniforms and equipment used by Texas National Guard troops during operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and much more.